About the project: Introduction

Forward by Ross Hall

This project was conceived with the aim of tackling a critical issue facing governments across the world today; namely, how well the employment and training needs of employers, individuals and governments are being met by education and training systems. This balance between the supply and demand sides of education is becoming more and more intense as countries across the world contend with difficulties arising out of the current economic downturn. It makes what we call 'effective education foremployment' an even more fundamental issue.

Our initial research began in 2007 and finished in 2008. During this time economic conditions in many countries worsened and even now, many commentators are forecasting difficult conditions persisting in varying degrees into 2010/11 and possibly beyond. These conditions make the need for effective education for employment even greater. If employers don't get the skilled workforce they need, if individuals don't get the training they need and if governments don't get the education and training levels they need then economic competitiveness and social cohesion suffer.

Yet getting a good 'fit' between supply and demand in education and training is not straightforward. Needs vary, priorities change and resources can become stretched. It is a challenge that many countries are tackling in different ways.

Our research ranged over 25 countries and heard from over 2,000 stakeholders. To each and every one, we extend our thanks for their support and contributions to what we hope will be an extremely useful piece of work on how best to develop effective education for employment.

Ross Hall

Director of International, Edexcel


Our Team

Effective Education for Employment is a collaborative project driven by organisations and individuals passionate about the need for educational reform.

Edexcel International, part of Pearson Education, sponsor this Project. Edexcel International currently operates in over 85 countries and is one of the world's leading providers of professional education, primarily through the provision of BTEC qualifications.

White Loop is the lead delivery partner. White Loop designed and delivered the international provocation series and provided strategic input to every other part of the project. White Loop is a London-based consultancy specialising in stakeholder engagement, strategic communications and the provision of digital media services.

Insight Research Group conducted all primary research activity. Insight is an international market research company based in London and New York.