About the website

About the website

We hope this website will become the 'portal' for 21st Century Global Education that is relevant and inspiring to all those who are involved in education and training from the grass roots to policy making as well as those employers and learners being impacted by the outcomes. Importantly, it is for anyone who can make a change no matter how small.

You can:

  • Explore issues and potential impact around 21st Century Education and specifically Effective Education for Employment
  • Gain a holistic understanding of the Evidence, Vision and Actions identified so far
  • Gain an insight into employers, educators, policy makers and learners opinions, experiences and desires
  • Source information specific to your field of interest
  • Use and download the information and documents to support your own work
  • Get ideas and inspiration to Get involved so that together we can make Effective Education for Employment a global reality


Using the website

This website enables you to explore the issues surrounding 21st century education in a number of different ways. By browsing this site we hope you will gain an overall understanding of all the issues we have explored during the Effective Education for Employment project. The Evidence section brings together key research points whilst those who we consulted during the research share their goals in the Vision section along with the Actions needed to achieve these. If you want to focus on a specific piece of content or research, the Toolbox function enables you to perform a search according to the educational themes that are of the most interest to you.