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The Things We Need To Do

The goal for the Effective Education for Employment project is to be an agent of change. We want to engage in action wherever possible. There are various ways that we can do this:

  • we can become partners to other projects whose aims and objectives we share
  • we can develop solutions based on the needs we identify and the vision we hope to reach
  • where we see examples of best practice, we can become advocates and champions for that work
  • by mobilising individuals and organisations, we can lobby for positive change at policy level

During our research work, we are continuously looking for organisations, individuals, projects and initiatives that are working to improve education for employment in any part of the world, to add to our existing body of Evidence and Vision for 21st Century education.

This section currently contains a series of Recommendations from the first phase of research run in 2008. It also contains the outputs from the first International Action Session run in India (with more from Singapore and South Africa to follow) identifying some ideas for how change can begin to happen in those respective countries and beyond.

Much of the information in this section is presented as content units which have been tagged to allow you to cross-reference each unit to other content on the website using the Toolbox.

We are looking to develop a set of case studies that provide some examples of the sort of work we would like to support and promote. If you have an education project that you feel addresses the challenges we have identified here, then Get involved with us and we'll share your story with the rest of the world. Alternatively, let us know of any key studies which we really need to look at or indeed there is anybody we really should get in contact with. Don't forget that you can also contribute by commenting and submitting relevant links by using the Toolbox.

Over the coming months, this section of the website will expand rapidly as our campaign gathers momentum and as more and more of you join us. We hope you will come back regularly to check on our progress.