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The Baseline for Our Project

During the course of our research we have, so far, visited over 25 countries. Our first intention has been to develop an evidence base on which the rest of the project will sit. We wanted to find out 'the current state of things' by talking to and collaborating with practitioners and thinkers from across the globe.

We have, during the process, employed a variety of methods, from online surveys to focused workshops. The early phases of the project - starting in late 2007 - focused on five high-growth economies: Brazil, China, India, South Africa and UAE. We have produced detailed reports for each of these countries which you can find here.

From that initial phase of work, we have created a Summary of Findings which gives an overview of the project outputs. We then expand on this by delineating the The Global Context within which we are all operating. We then go on to identify the unifying challenges from the five countries studied in depth in Key Global Evidence.

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If you find this evidence compelling, learn about our attempt to develop a Vision for 21st century education, and the Actions that will help achieve it.

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