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Radical, Ambitious, Realistic

Having invested considerable time in understanding the global challenges we all face (explained, in detail, in the Evidence section), our project is now beginning to focus on looking forward. We aim to develop a coherent and ambitious vision for the future of Education for Employment in order to enable us to develop a set of transformational Actions.

The vision we are developing needs to be radical and ambitious, but also realistic and achievable. By engaging with leading thinkers and practitioners across the world - the results of which can be seen here - we can begin to identify key elements to this vision and share these with others.

This is very much an iterative process: we want you to be involved in developing the vision. You can do this by using the Toolbox to post comments and suggestions against specific content units. You can also suggest links to visionary content that we may not have included - that may be a speech or an article or a blog. Perhaps you have an education project relevant to our vision that we can develop a case study from. Whatever it is, Get involved. In short, we are looking to inspire and be inspired.

In this section, you'll find a series of Interviews held in 2009 with leading thinkers and practitioners. These are divided up by the countries in which the interviews were held and provide a fascinating set of personal visions for the future of education for employment. You'll also find the outputs from a first International Session on Visioning held in India, with more reports from Singapore and South Africa to follow.

Much of the information in this section is presented as content units which have been tagged to allow you to cross-reference each unit to other content on the website using the Toolbox.

The content in this section is growing all the time with further engagement activities scheduled for the latter party of 2009 and beyond. Come back soon to see more...